A new season begins!

The 2018 food truck season is beginning! And…it’s snowing?

Well, this is a first for us! But hey, no worries. We’re opening up this Wednesday in good faith that spring is (somewhere) around the corner. This year, we have an exciting lineup of events forming, as well as lots of new menu items that we’ll be rolling out.

To start out the 2018 season, we’re introducing shrimp and cheese empanadas, as well as a spicy chimichurri that complements it perfectly!

shrimp empanadas

This is just the start of a variety of new empanadas we plan to roll out this year as part of our rotating specials list.

Don’t forget to check our schedule to see where we’ll be this year. But, as always, if you’re trying to hunt us down, take a peek at our Facebook page for the latest location updates.

We can’t wait to feed you all! Here’s to the start of an amazing new season!


The End of a Season!

Local Gauchos & Gringas!

We’ve had a pretty stellar summer so far, huh? Well, now that we’re winding down to fall (which starts in two days, in fact!), it also means that our food truck season is winding down as well.

This was our first “full year” as a food truck, and we vowed to try it all. From graduation parties to private birthdays to Bike Week to Huron River Fest to gold mining weekends to the Jet Express in Port Clinton…we really dabbled in a little bit of everything! We thought this would be a good way to see what we really like…and it turns out, we liked it all!

We just love serving our food to the community, no matter where we’re at! Getting to meet all of you fabulous folks, people we might have otherwise never met or connected with, really makes our job special. We count tons of new friends among the ranks of our customers, and that is one of the coolest perks we never saw coming.

So come out and see us one last time for the season here in the Sandusky area. We’ll be at our daily spot for three more weeks, and we’ve got three more local festivals, and then we’re packing up and heading to MANSFIELD for their month-long Halloween spectacular at the prison.

Check out our schedule for exact dates and locations. Hope to see you soon!