The End of a Season!

Local Gauchos & Gringas!

We’ve had a pretty stellar summer so far, huh? Well, now that we’re winding down to fall (which starts in two days, in fact!), it also means that our food truck season is winding down as well.

This was our first “full year” as a food truck, and we vowed to try it all. From graduation parties to private birthdays to Bike Week to Huron River Fest to gold mining weekends to the Jet Express in Port Clinton…we really dabbled in a little bit of everything! We thought this would be a good way to see what we really like…and it turns out, we liked it all!

We just love serving our food to the community, no matter where we’re at! Getting to meet all of you fabulous folks, people we might have otherwise never met or connected with, really makes our job special. We count tons of new friends among the ranks of our customers, and that is one of the coolest perks we never saw coming.

So come out and see us one last time for the season here in the Sandusky area. We’ll be at our daily spot for three more weeks, and we’ve got three more local festivals, and then we’re packing up and heading to MANSFIELD for their month-long Halloween spectacular at the prison.

Check out our schedule for exact dates and locations. Hope to see you soon!



2017 Commences

Hello, you gaucho lovers!

We hope the winter has been pleasant and fun for you all so far! We’re still a couple months away from launching the 2017 season, and let me tell you, we couldn’t be more excited.

Our resident Gaucho, Jorge, is still down in Argentina, soaking up his hometown flavors, binging on red wine and steak, and basically having a great time in the hot summer sun.

A serene scene from La Punta, a tiny town near the sierra in central Argentina. 

But being 5,000 miles away doesn’t excuse him from his Grillmaster duties! Ohhhh, no. He and I have been hard at work figuring out what the heck our season is going to look like this year. We’ve got a lot in the works already. Including a whole spread of specials, which I’m pretty sure are gonna be raucously delicious.

We’re taking plenty of notes. When I was in D.C. last weekend, my uncle showed me a food-truck-turned-brick-and-mortar Korean place, which is set up inside an Exxon Mobil gas station! I’ve never been so excited to eat food out of the same place where I fill my gas tank. They’re crazy successful, and gives me ideas of where our own crazy food adventure might lead us someday. Here are some shots of S(e)oul Food in Silver Spring, MD.


As for our own adventure in serving delicious food, we’re working on getting a full line-up of events going. We hope to be everywhere at all times! Omnipresent, if you will. 😉

Stay tuned for updates and our schedule. We can’t wait to see you all at our little window in the yummy yellow box (i.e. our trailer!).

Hasta pronto!

September Happenings

Hello, Hamburger Lovers!

It seems our Gaucho Burger is causing quite a stir. And we’re happy to hear it! Who knew a little ol’ fried egg on a hamburger could be so damn tasty??

The Argentinians knew, that’s who!

Anyway, we’re filling up our calendar. Here are the next events for the upcoming weeks:

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th: Kelley’s Island for the Harvest Festival, taking place at Memorial Park (downtown) from 11a-6pm.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1st and 2nd: Osborn Park in Huron, OH for the Harvest Happenings event. Free to the public, taking place from 11a-6pm both days!

As always, we’ll be slinging burgers and making french fries to fill your belly. And if you haven’t tasted our food yet…what are you waiting for?

We recommend the GAUCHO or the GRINGA burger, for obvious reasons…or, if you want to keep it simple, get our fresh-cut french fries! Some people have been known to return four times (or more) at events for these delicious bad boys!

See you soon!

The Grand Gaucho/Gringa Return!

It’s been awhile, folks.

I stopped updating this blog soon after it was conceived since I merged the content of this blog with my main one.

But you know what? I kept this blog because Argentinian Husband and I have been planning on using this moniker for basically all of our future business endeavors. And finally…one of the future business endeavors has arrived.

That’s right: very soon, THE GAUCHO & THE GRINGA food truck will be arriving to Northern Ohio! We’ll be serving Argentinian food to the Lake Erie region, and people won’t even know what hit them.

More updates and information coming soon!

A Nice, Big International Welcome…


This is “The Gaucho & The Gringa” — a blog about all the quirks, trials, tribulations, joys, struggles and more of international dating.

My name is Shannon; I’m from the USA, and my partner is Argentinian. He’s the ‘gaucho’ here, because he grew up in rural farmland areas and, well, he’s a horse-riding, knife-wielding gaucho. Among other things!

This blog will also feature posts from other people in international pairings as well. Every relationship is different, international or not — and sometimes, it’s a breath of relief to know that someone else, somewhere in the world, is going through the same things you are.