July Schedule

Hey gauchos & gringas!

We’re having a great season so far, with a wide variety of fun events, festivals, private parties and more. One of our favorite things so far has been coming to help celebrate birthdays, graduation parties and company picnics. It’s just so fun to be involved in other people’s parties! (Also, everyone loves the people that bring the food!)

But because we’re so booked up in July, we WILL NOT be appearing at Accurate Business Machines on Columbus Ave for the entire month. It’s sad, since I know it’s a sure-fire place to get your Gaucho Burgers, but just for July, we’re taking it off.

We’ll be back to serving there in August, but again, it won’t be for the full month since we’ll be participating in the ERIE COUNTY FAIR (which is a week long) and then heading out of town for a wedding on a different week.

As always, keep up with us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information about WHERE we are and WHEN we’ll be there!

With love and chimichurri,

Shannon & Jorge


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