April Showers Bring…Food Trucks & Flowers?

Spring has sprung in Sandusky, even though it’s been on-and-off springing since like, February. At any rate, we’re getting ready to haul our trailer out of its winter lair and BACK to the outside world!

That’s right, our little yellow buggy is going to stretch its propane legs and get a good whiff of that spring Ohio air because we’ll be launching on April 19th!

Our opening day this year will take place at Accurate Business Machines (where we were last year!), resuming our Wednesday/Thursday/Friday lunch and dinner schedule in their parking lot. You can find us 11-2 and 4-7 on the days that we’re there! It’s a super convenient spot in Perkins Township if you’re looking for lunch or dinner on the go.

April also sees two separate Earth Day events for this Gaucho and Gringa! On April 22nd, we’ll be at Mulberry Creek’s Faery Fest/Earth Day celebration from 10-5p. The following weekend, on Sunday April 30th, we’ll be setting up as Osborn Park’s Earth Day celebration too.

What a way to start the season! We’ve got a lot of new things lined up for your taste buds, bellies, and general olfactory systems, so we hope to see you out there soon!

EMPANADAS — an Argentinian staple. We’ll be serving up plenty of these as specials this year!


The Gaucho & The Gringa



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